Affordable Residency & Citizenship

Exclusive programme’s open to all nationalities



Available exclusively to our clients for a limited time only!

Andorran Passport

  • Visa free travel to 157 countries including UK, Canada, and the US
  • Ranked 19th best passport for travel freedom
  • Tax Haven
  • Passport delivered in 3-4 weeks
  • Secure delivery service available
  • Escrow facility for full payment security

Residency in Spain

  • Visa free travel throughout the Schengen countries
  • Right to live and work in Spain
  • Residency supplied in 2 weeks
  • Spanish citizenship is possible in time
  • Secure delivery service available
  • Secure escrow for full payment security

Dominican Republic Passport

  • Visa free travel
  • Passport in 2-3 weeks
  • No other program offers citizenship for such a small investment.
  • No tax on worldwide income
  • Secure delivery service available
  • Escrow facility for full payment security


This opportunity has some truly remarkable benefits.

You really won’t find an offer like this anywhere else!


Receive access to our exclusive Andorran Passport programme at the lowest possible cost available anywhere. We believe this to be the #1 programme of its kind on the market, saving up to 95% for those seeking a second passport that provides incredible freedoms and benefits at the most affordable price you will find anywhere.

These programmes won’t last long, though.

Due to high demand and incredibly fast passport delivery, the low cost of our residency and citizenship programmes will certainly increase soon!

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